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Anti-Post and Happy Birthday

Not going to do a proper post because it would just be another depressing moany one!
I have started a new job at last; a job i'd been hankering after for months & months now. Yay?!  But of course the timing is rather dodgy as i'm not entitled to mat pay....
But a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY  aethelfled  !
Okay so the idea of my posts becoming just personal reviews of the books read doesn't really sit well - but that's the way it's rolling! Obviously life isn't handing me enough else to babble about!

So. I've just read;
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows

The structure is as a series of letters so the (short) book is easy to put down, pick up, dip into in a spare few minutes, abandon again for a while...that's if you don't get your nose stuck in for the duration! (yes guilty as charged; I rather enjoyed it!) Although fiction there are many of the characters memoires which touch on Guernsey's occupation by the Germans in WWII. They are very touching and make one think about humanity.
I could go on but shan't. It will be registered as a BC offering anon.


Better Nursery Food Now

Give children a better start in life with Better Nursery Food Now:

Kung Hei Fat Choi

Kung Hei Fat Choi - Happy Chinese New Year. We are now in the year of the Tiger!


No this is not a post on the weather or a book called 'Snow' (Orhan Pamuk) which I did read fairly recently! It's just a short paragraph (well more a long sentence really but it is set out as though it is a distinct paragraph) from the book that I've just finished - 'The Gun Seller'; Hugh Laurie

 "It was snowing outside (which, I grant you, is where it usually snows, but remember that I was only just starting to sober up) and huge discs of white were fluttering to the ground, like the debris from some celestial pillow-fight, covering everything, softening everything, making everything matter less"
I just felt the need to share it!

Burns Night - I raise a dram to ye!

A popular poems by Burns on this night is 'Address To A Haggis' you could also try 'Scotch Drink' at http://www.robertburns.org/works but they are both quite heavy-going! Here are two alternatives which caught my e'e:

Castle Gordon
1787 Poem

Streams that glide in orient plains,
Never bound by Winter's chains;
Glowing here on golden sands,
There immix'd with foulest stains
From Tyranny's empurpled hands;
These, their richly gleaming waves,
I leave to tyrants and their slaves;
Give me the stream that sweetly laves
The banks by Castle Gordon.

Spicy forests, ever gray,
Shading from the burning ray
Hapless wretches sold to toil;
Or the ruthless native's way,
Bent on slaughter, blood, and spoil:
Woods that ever verdant wave,
I leave the tyrant and the slave;
Give me the groves that lofty brave
The storms by Castle Gordon.

Wildly here, without control,
Nature reigns and rules the whole;
In that sober pensive mood,
Dearest to the feeling soul,
She plants the forest, pours the flood:
Life's poor day I'll musing rave
And find at night a sheltering cave,
Where waters flow and wild woods wave,
By bonie Castle Gordon.

The Tear-Drop
1794 Poem

Wae is my heart, and the tear's in my e'e;
Lang, lang has Joy been a stranger to me:
Forsaken and friendless, my burden I bear,
And the sweet voice o' Pity ne'er sounds in my ear.

Love thou hast pleasures, and deep hae I luv'd;
Love, thou hast sorrows, and sair hae I pruv'd;
But this bruised heart that now bleeds in my breast,
I can feel, by its throbbings, will soon be at rest.

Oh, if I were-where happy I hae been-
Down by yon stream, and yon bonie castle-green;
For there he is wand'ring and musing on me,
Wha wad soon dry the tear-drop that clings to my e'e.

US Media Change London Tradition

England gets odder by the day.

London's 24th New Year's Day parade will march the usual route in reverse to appease US television broadcasters.



Still not quite right - although thinking about it mentally better than this time last year. Make of that what you will.